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Mark Wanish

Carmen DeArdo

Technology Director

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Mik Kersten

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder 
Tasktop Technologies

Jacquelyn Smith

Senior Director, Platform Technologies

Introducing the Tasktop Integration Hub

The Tasktop Integration Hub introduces model-based integration, a new visual and web-based user interface, and the ability to connect all tools and stakeholders in the delivery pipeline. Already supporting the world’s largest Agile and DevOps transformations, Tasktop enables enterprises to scale deployments to hundreds of projects, tens of thousands of users and millions of artifacts. 

Nicole Bryan

Vice President of Product Management
Tasktop Technologies

Former SVP, Consumer Sales & Marketing Technology Executive
Bank of America

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Value Stream Integration for Enterprise Agile & DevOps

"The Tasktop Integration Hub completely re-imagines the integration layer of software delivery, and connects the end to end flow of value from business initiative to delighted customer and revenue results.  To do this we have created the new concept of Model-Based Integration, where we allow organizations to define their Value Stream Integration layer right within Tasktop, automating flow across people, processes and tools."

Tasktop CEO & Co-Founder, Mik Kersten,

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